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Helping you create a life you can love

Helping you create a life you can love

Helping you create a life you can love

These are some of the services I offer

At the moment, my practice primarily offers therapy, clinical supervision, and professional consultation.  As my practice grows and changes, and I begin to offer more services, they will be listed here.  Please be sure to check back periodically!  And if there are any services you are looking for, but don’t see here, please feel free to contact me and tell me what you need.

Individual Therapy

It can be difficult to know if psychotherapy is right for you. There are many reasons why people seek out a therapist. Maybe you find yourself struggling to connect with others. You might find yourself feeling a general displeasure with life that you can’t quite pinpoint. Do you feel like you’re going through the motions, doing what you’re “supposed to do,” and yet…it’s just not right? ​ I view therapy as a place for growth and understanding, and I provide a safe and supportive space for exploration. My training and experience enables me to offer unique insights into the patterns of behavior that may be tripping you up; the way you handle adversity and manage conflict; and how you go about solving life’s problems. We all have times in our lives when additional support is necessary, individual therapy can be of great benefit.

Couples' Therapy

If you find yourself struggling in your relationship; having problems with communication, intimacy, anger, infidelity or overall dissatisfaction, couples’ therapy can help you and your partner to get back on the same page.

​I work with couples in all stages of their relationships: dating, engaged, newlywed and long term married. I have obtained training in a variety of different theories and techniques for working with couples and am able to tailor treatment to each specific couple’s needs.

​My standard couples’ therapy sessions run 90 minutes and I also offer extended sessions and weekend intensives to help couples shake up their dysfunctional patterns and get back on the right path. I believe that commitment, compromise, and positive regard can help two people build an excellent relationship, but my goal is to help couples get honest about what they want and need so that they can figure out how they can create that together.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a collaborative process the purpose of which is to deepen the self-awareness and clinical savvy of both new and seasoned clinicians.  I have nearly a decade of experience providing clinical supervision to doctoral interns, post-doctoral therapists and various masters’ level clinicians​.  I have been fortunate to have had stellar supervision over the course of my clinical training/career, and I understand how much it helps to shape a clinician’s experience of his/her work.  I want to give back, and pass on the passion for helping people that was nurtured by my mentors and supervisors.

I offer supervision of both therapy and psychological assessment to individuals who are working towards licensure and to those in practice who would like to have an opportunity to receive some extra guidance regarding their therapeutic work.  


No clinician can know about everything!  I offer clinical consultation to individual therapists who are looking for some extra support.  My areas of expertise include sexual addiction and trauma; addictions in general; military sexual trauma; mood disorders; financial disorders; work with difficult couples; and empowerment and sense of self concerns.  Services offered include: case consultation, related to difficult or “stuck” clients; assessment and evaluation of particular clients; and general education related to any of my areas of expertise, to help you better understand how to assess for concerns yourself and recognize when it might be time to refer to a higher or more specialized level of care.

In addition, I also offer consultation to agencies and larger practices who are  interested in program development related to any of my areas of expertise.  I am able to assist with program design; hiring criteria; development of job descriptions; development of best practices, policies and procedures; and development and implementation of quality management procedures focused on improving client care.

Workshops and Conference Presentations

I provide seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.  I am also available as a keynote speaker and panelist.  Presentations can range from one hour to full-day workshops related to my areas of expertise.  These include but are not limited to: recognition, assessment, and treatment of sexual addiction; understanding the impact of military sexual trauma; the use of schema-focused therapy in the treatment of characterological disorders; special considerations in the treatment of active duty military members and veterans.